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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olives are carefully picked when they are matured on trees, of which we take great care, in Kaz Mountains with fertile soil and sunlight that even lightens cold mornings in Novembers and Decembers. The story of our olive oil starts when it is immediately squeezed in factory in compliance with any and all sanitary and hygiene conditions, and then, kept in steel chrome containers to take the most precious place on your tables without losing its nutritional value.
Geographical location, phenol components and antioxidant effect intensifies our olive oil’s aroma and taste.
As an irreplaceable nutrition of daily life, you may either use our olive oil in your salads or cold and hot dishes or consume at breakfast along with spice mixes.
We know that you smile more when you are healthy.
I wish you good meals full of smiles.

Bon appetite!

Olive Oil Soap

We add goat milk to our olive oil soaps, which we never compromise the quality that protects its vitamin content, and ensure you to remove dead skin cells with vitamin A and goat milk.
Goat milk prevents skin sheds with its alpha hydroxyl.
Goat milk creates miracle effects for eczema and skin problems. Its jojoba and sesame oil content fights against aging effects of the skin, moisturizes your skin, and makes your skin flexible. We also enrich our olive oil soaps, which we produce by considering entirely your beauty and health, with various herbs.
We do not use any extracts and coloring agents other than soap base and water. Therefore, our olive oil soaps have a natural odor and color.
When using olive oil soap in your bathrooms, foam your washcloth with warm water and apply to your body. You may have a better result if you do this.
Treat yourself with the most natural and the purest skincare.